What is the electricity price ticker?

The price listed above represents the price that a local power provider would pay to purchase power right now on the wholesale market. Just like other consumer goods, the retailer (the local power provider) buys from a wholesale provider and then sells to the customer.

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What does a megawatt-hour mean to me?

Low cleanliness factor (CF) and low pump capacity are common condenser problems that contribute to poor performance.   

CleanAir follows the HEI test code to calculate the cleanliness factor (CF) by measuring the actual heat transfer coefficient as a percent of the associated HEI specified design heat transfer coefficient.

We routinely perform evaluations of pump performance in accordance with ASME PTC-8.2 or ASME PTC-18.   The results of these tests are an indication of the pump operation relative to its performance curve, which can help diagnose problems with the heat rejection loop such as insufficient air removal leading to increased back pressure, high dissolved oxygen, or low cleanliness factor.

CleanAir highly recommends evaluating condenser or pump performance during cooling tower performance tests. Water flow rate is the most difficult and time consuming measurement associated with condenser and pump capacity testing.   Since water flow rate measurement is required for cooling tower performance testing, it is often cost effective to conduct condenser or pump performance tests during cooling tower performance tests.

Heat Rejection Cycle

To learn more, click here to download the paper titled "Heat Rejection Cycle Analysis: A Path to the Recovery of Lost Megawatts"

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