Our Why

flare testing

Planet Earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago. Earth more or less managed itself until about 10,000 years ago. Since then, in fits and starts, humans have gradually increased their presence on Earth. In the last 500 years humans have accelerated their involvement in planet systems and the use or destruction of natural resources.

Earth has a unique combination of sunlight, water, gases plus a diverse eco system.

We believe humans need to be good stewards of out planet and maximize the period of time that planet Earth can support life.

We are constantly looking for ways to do more for our planet. This responsibility is very important to us.

Our Why Is:

Why everything we do is focused on doing what is right and not the lowest price.

Why we have the best equipment for each task.

Why we don't cut corners.

Why we plan to follow the methods or we suggest an alternate and then request approvals.

Why, when it is not possible to following the method or follow an approved alternate we immediately inform all stakeholder and thoroughly document the problem and what was done. We stop testing if results will be compromised.

Why we decline to bid if we feel we can not do it right.

Why our equipment works or it does not leave the shop. Why our equipment works or we don't use it. Why our equipment is calibrated as required by the method.

Why we aim for lower detection, lower bias and more precision than is required by the method.

Why we don't fake it when our equipment stops calibrating, operating, heating or cooling.

Why our particulate sampling nozzles are sharp and true.

Why our Performance Group thermocouples are NIST traceable and calibrated to plus or minus 1/10 degree F.

Why our Performance Group pressure transducers are NIST traceable and calibrated to plus or minus 1/10 PSI.

Why our reagent blanks are the lowest than can be obtained. We use GC grade solvents.

Why we train our people ever chance we get. Generally this is every week.

Why we understand that data is not only used for the purpose at hand but that our reports are excellent reference which can be used for years.

Why we have qualified people at every level.

Why our average years of testing for our source group is over 10 years.

Why CleanAir's Price Is Generally Higher Than Others

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