MET-80 Sorbent Trap Systems

When looking at mercury monitoring options, ask yourself –

Do they have the sensitivity, reliability and level of quality assurance that you will need to meet future monitoring requirements?


Ready for MACT Monitoring

The CleanAir MET-80 sorbent trap mercury monitoring system is ready today for the Electric Utility MATS measurements that need to be made tomorrow. Following USEPA Performance Specification 12B protocol, the MET-80 provides precise, NIST-traceable and repeatable mercury measurements with the highest degree of confidence and up-time available in the industry today. Our systems regularly achieve 95% data availability.

Designed for the Long-Term

Our MET-80 is designed for continuous, high-performance monitoring using reliable, industry-tested components. Operation requires only a couple of hours a week, and the systems are mechanically simple, meaning that your operating costs are predictable and manageable.

The MET-80 autosampler consists of a dual gas sampling and conditioning system. The system is built with mechanical redundancy in mind, and includes two dual-range, high-precision mass flow controllers and two high-capacity diaphragm sampling pumps. Each sampling line has its own independent flow control valves and temperature and pressure measurement components.

Other MET-80 Design Features:

  • Quick-change sorbent trap probe
  • Fiber-optic networking & integration into plant DAHS
  • Solid state mass flow meter volume measurements
  • High-flow operating mode reduces RATA test times
  • Meter calibration audits can be performed without downtime
  • NEMA-4 environmentally controlled shelter option
  • Sampler hardware located anywhere in plant
  • Remote access to data and sampler functions
  • Automated moisture measurement
  • Fully-alarmed to prevent sample or data loss
  • On-line scrubber exchange
  • Integrated valve manifolds
  • Long-term service and maintenance plans available

Purchase, demonstration and custom solutions available.
For more information about the MET-80, or to arrange a presentation at your plant or office, call or email us.

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