Thermal Performance

CleanAir’s Performance group offers a portfolio of services to evaluate the thermal performance of boilers, combustion and steam turbines and their related equipment.  Plant performance optimization results in improved efficiency, lower emissions and reduced fuel and operating costs.

The thermal performance services that CleanAir Engineering provides are Air Heater Efficiency, Boiler Efficiency, Gas/Combustion Turbine Performance, Steam Turbine Performance, Unburned Carbon, and Water Flow Rate.

StackOur expertise encompasses all types of power generation and co-generation facilities. We can test virtually any component within a plant to any relevant standard.  We have internationally recognized expertise in the evaluation of simple-cycle and combined-cycle gas turbines, steam turbines, heat rejection equipment and boilers including municipal solid waste fired boilers.

CleanAir experts can arrive at a new plant facility, perform the emissions tuning and compliance tests, and immediately transition to a PTC-22 or PTC-46 test to demonstrate contractual compliance with heat rate and capacity guarantees.  This seamless synergy of CleanAir capabilities reduces delays in reaching substantial completion milestones, simplifies contractual hurdles and results in a partnering relationship between CleanAir and our clients.


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