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Continuous Emissions

From initial design and specification of a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) to QA/QC planning, certification tests and reporting or even installing and operating temporary systems to collect data for Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) development, CleanAir’s team of professionals are ready to assist you with your continuous emissions monitoring requirements.  CleanAir provides a full range of services to all types of industries as follows.  

Planning and Consulting

Whether you are considering the advantage of CEMS versus PEMS monitoring or are challenged with implementing mercury monitoring, our staff of engineers and consultants is uniquely qualified with extensive experience to provide:

    • System Specification and Design
    • Proposal Evaluation and Review
    • Technology Assessment
    • Monitoring and QA/QC plan development

Certification (RATA) Testing

CleanAir performs all certification tests as required by state or federal regulations. These could include:

    • Relative accuracy test audits (40CFR 60 and 75)
    • Quarterly and annual QA/QC audits
    • Certification of mercury CEMS and Appendix K systems per Performance Specification 16 and EPA Method 30B.

3-D Flow Studies and Flow RATAs

Our experience indicates a 3D pitot traverse can measure flow rates that compare with stoichiometric calculations and can be up to 15% lower than that of comparable S-type pitot traverse.  To minimize this reported positive flow bias associated with EPA Method 2 test procedures (S-type pitot tube), CleanAir provides the following 3-D flow testing services:

    • 3-D volumetric flow determination (EPA Methods 2F and 2G)
    • Wall effect determinations by EPA Method 2H
    • Wind tunnel calibration services
    • 3-D probe and electronic manometer console manufacturing and rental

Temporary CEMS / PEMS System

In cases where a CEM system is needed for a limited time, such as the development of Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) or for a short duration project, rental of a temporary system may be a cost effective solution.  Systems can be integrated and installed based on traditional CEMS technology or Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) with remote monitoring and diagnostics.

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