Smoke Reading Services

Certified Smoke Readers are are generally available at all our USA offices.

Visible Emission from stacks are required by some USEPA Air Permits. These require a certified reader who has been certified or recertified within the last 6 months.


Water Vapor Plumes can Obscure Emissions

This is a Clean Stack which has an attached water vapor plume.
We generally can read the opacity after the water evaporates for attached steam plumes.

EPA Certified Smoke Readers (visible emissions experts, or VE Readers) are generally available on short notice.

These readings are performed in accordance with EPA Method 9 and/or Method 22.

We only use smoke schools certified by US EPA including Eastern Technical Associates, Whitlow and AeroMet.

Calibrated eyes are awaiting your call 800-627-0033 +1 847- 991-3300, or after Jan 15 2010 you can request a smoke reader quote online here.