Steam Turbine Performance

CleanAir provides impartial third party steam turbine testing adhering to ASME PTC 6 and ASME PTC 6.2 test codes.   We have developed specialized equipment to satisfy the rigorous test code requirements and our staff is active on the newly reassembled ASME PTC 6 committee, which keeps us abreast of industry needs and new developments.

Acceptance tests are conducted to demonstrate contractual performance of new units, provide engineering data for pre-and-post modification testing, and benchmarking to:

  • Quantify section efficiencies in order to justify turbine rebuilds,

  • Establish baseline performance for benchmarking, trending or heat rate monitoring programs, and

  • Verify plant instrumentation for plant performance monitoring projects.

CleanAir testing expertise and quality instrumentation combine to ensure accurate, low uncertainty test results, which have immediate financial impact for the end-user when contractual tolerances are tied to test result uncertainty.   High accuracy tests are paramount to OEMs and others making contractual performance guarantees since tests with higher uncertainties require more conservative designs to demonstrate contractual compliance.

CleanAir has a unique understanding of test uncertainties and the sensitivities of test measurements to overall test accuracy and we use this knowledge to cost effectively design accurate tests that meet rigorous code level requirements.

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