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Keeping up to date with new sampling methods, equipment changes, legislation and regulations is a challenge. Clean Air Engineering helps you meet that challenge with our training programs. From new legislation to repairing your CEM analyzer, our expert consultants, engineers and technicians take their expertise into the classroom on a variety of air management subjects.

Clean Air Engineering training courses and seminars are available for presentation at our Palatine, IL facility located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We can also bring our trainers to your facility, along with all of the presentation equipment, training materials, and "hands-on" demonstration materials needed.

Sampling and Monitoring Workshops

With one of the largest source testing groups in the world and over 35 years of experience, CleanAir is a leader in personnel training for stack testing and emissions monitoring skills.  We have developed several comprehensive training programs for our internal staffing needs.  You can benefit from this expertise by having CleanAir train your own personnel under these same training programs.  Whether you’re interested in performing your own periodic testing internally, or just want to increase the knowledge-base of your environmental staff, CleanAir can design a training program that fits your needs. 

We conduct seminars and workshops on the following topics:

  • Compliance Testing
  • Process Optimization
  • Equipment Training
  • Air Emissions Permitting and Compliance Seminars
  • Specialized Training Services