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CAM Planning

Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) is applicable to owners or operators of air emission units at a utility or industrial facility that is subject to pollutant-specific emission limits or standards, uses active control devices to achieve compliance and has potential uncontrolled emissions that would make it a major source. A CAM plan is intended to provide a reasonable assurance of compliance with applicable requirements.  The CAM plan can include performance and operating criteria that must be achieved, as well as documentation requirements for any monitoring proposed by the owner or operator. 

CleanAir prepares CAM plans for utility and major industrial industries.  With our experience with continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) equipment, knowledge, process and control technology and with permitting requirements, we can minimize the compliance requirement.

CAM Services

    • Emissions Inventory
    • Control Equipment Evaluation
    • Process Review
    • Monitoring Plans

CAM Planning - Case Study

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