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Who we are...

CleanAir websites linking to this page are owned by Clean Air Engineering, Inc., a for profit employee owned company.

What we do...

CleanAir is and engineering and testing company working to reduce global air emissions and reduce fossil fuel use by performance improvements. We do this by providing equipment and services which in conjunction with our partners and others enable better decision for air pollution source operators and energy generators.

Why is this important..

Controlling air emissions at a large combustion source such as a utility electric power plant requires equipment that costs about a billion dollars. Most of these pollution control devices when tuned properly remove 99.99% of the pollution created by the combustion process. Decisions for the design and operation of this equipment are based on operating data. Bad data could easily lead to a bad design or improper adjustment and a large increase in pollution. For example a removal efficiency reduction from 99.99% to 99.98% will double the pollution emitted.

Our Philosophy On Global Energy..

Regardless of anyone opinion on whether man is causing global warming there is no debating the fact that mankind is consuming ancient Carbon deposits at an ever increasing rate and that most of this carbon is accumulating in the atmosphere. The data for coal, oil and natural gas production show that we burn more that 1.5 tons of carbon per year for each and every inhabitant of the earth. This is confirmed by the annual increase in the Carbon content of CO2 in the atmosphere of more than one ton per global individual every year. The difference between what is mined and the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is due to sequestered carbon.  While sequestering may sound like a good idea, it is not better that leaving it in the ground.

We support conservation of natural resources, the use of energy from renewable sources, energy from waste combustion, nuclear energy, and performance or efficiency improvement for all energy production facilities.

Our Philosophy On Air Quality..

We think that the target for all should be continuous improvement toward zero impact on sustainability and not stopping improvements when compliance is achieved.    We recommend that the process of pollution reduction should be a continuous effort by all involved. We apply the "Theory of Constraints" to pollution reduction and believe that there is generally more that one bottleneck inhibiting pollution reduction.  We help find these constraints which will provide the biggest reduction per investment. Good decision for any complicated process required good tools and good data. Sometime the needs of politicians and enforcement community can conflict with the needs of engineers to get the best data possible for process improvement. We give some examples below but for now suffice to say it is similar to using perfume when a bath is needed.

Our Philanthropies..

We have invested considerable amounts of our time and money in a number of projects and numerous minor causes including:

Our Past and Present Projects


Stopping NELAC from destroying the Air Pollution Measurement Business Community


CleanAir lead the consensus based effort to develop a standard for Air Emission Testing Bodies ASTM D7036-04. This standard enables any entity involved in Air Emission Measurement to


When EPA first proposed squeezing stack testers into an accreditation program under NELAC designed for laboratories, it was evident that implementation of this program would be a disaster for stack testing companies, particularly small companies. For a decade, CleanAir led the fight to prevent this from happening. First, CleanAir organized "Environmental Data Improvement Group" (EDIG) which lead a face-to-face lobbying campaign and went to Washington with representatives of small and large stack testing companies to bring the issue to the attention of congressmen and senators. Our objective was to pull funding from the NELAC program. Faced with these funding cuts, EPA and NELAC backed down. Knowing that they would be back without a strong, affirmative program, CleanAir led the way to the writing of ASTM D-7036, a consensus-based competency standard for stack testing companies. Once this was accomplished, the Stack Testing Accreditation Council (STAC) was established with the help of many other stack testing companies to implement the ASTM standard nationwide. Today, we have a strong, independent consensus accreditation program supported by both EPA and NELAC.

CleanAir has invested more than $250,000 in the effort to preserve stack tester independence and stave off the specter of a burdensome and expensive government accreditation program.

CleanAir Sponsored Research for SO3 Dynamic Calibration

Funding research to establish the chemistry and physics to create a low concentration spiking system for Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) measurement. Read more this here.

Preventing Constraint of Trade by a Public Initiatives

CleanAir has helped a state owned university to resist the use of public funds and resist the exploitation graduate students to offer commercial service in direct competition with private industry . Read the CleanAir Position on Government Competition.

Our Causes and Future Projects


Scott Evans, a CleanAir VP and Principle Consultant who also currently serves as a director of STAC. See all the STAC Board Representatives.

Methane Hydrate Release Research

Methane Hydrate exists as a solid on the floors of deep oceans and under permafrost. Keeping it where it is is very important to the future of the world as we know it. Research needs to be done to understand the physical and chemical dynamics for this compound.

Responsible use of Energy

Many people are researching responsible energy management. We think that is room for a few more movers and shaker in this field.

Economical Feasible Alternative Energy

We are not tree huggers or Green House Gas elimination zealots. We do however think that the wasting of anthropogenic carbon is irresponsible. We support reuse of carbon in the current carbon cycle and the use of non-subsidized alternate energy.  We would like to find new ways to make alternate energy economically feasible.

Conservation of Resources

What is the global goal for conservation of each resource? What is the projected date for depleting each resource? Will we have a viable alternative available when we deplete natural gas?  Or will our civilization already be dead due to the depletion of a vital resource or a global pandemic? Are the benefits of antibiodics a resource to be protected? What can we do to protect all the resources that make life on planet earth possible. Thinking about the lessons of major minor and minor disasters that have plagued inhabitants of earth may help us get ready for the next disaster , but only if we can implement the necessary changes. Innovating and selling change is what CleanAir does well.

Why we ask for donations.. that we

We see more ways to help the world than we can afford to do on our own. We believe that we are in an unique position to make a much larger contribution to global sustainability.

What donors can expect..

We will post how we use donated money. We will spend an amount equal or greater to the money donated to improve global air quality and or natural resources.

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