Do you lead?
Do You Over-Manage and Under-Lead?

Compare Business Approaches

Managers and leaders are two different animals, but most organizations have both.
If you want to help improve CleanAir work with all your team to step into a leadership mindset. Check the list below to see how you measure up on the leadership scale:

Managers of People... Leaders...
Believe they must catch people doing something wrong. Catch people doing things right.
Create laws that create more need
for cops.
Create a culture that controls behavior.
Provide instructions. Provide vision.
Focus on the short term. Envision the future.
Control others. Control themselves.
Talk. Listen.
Make decisions. Influence decisions.
Believe their job is to maintain the status quo. Change the status quo so that there is continuous improvement.
Focus on how things happen. Pay attention to what is happening.
Take. Give.
Believe they're masters. Believe they're servants.
Take power, credit and control. Empower, give credit and avoid controlling.
My way or the highway. Build good work relationships with others
Dictates, rules, expect obedience. Communicate ideas and motivate others to willingly follow.
Resists change and personal goals are more important than the organization goals. Identify opportunities to improve the organization's pursuit of its objectives.
Doesn't understand leadership. Understand how leaders differ from managers.
Sucks up and clamps down. Helps others to be good leaders.

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