CleanAir Capabilities

CleanAir is a global provider of technical products and services for sustainability and resource management. We specialize in emissions reduction, energy management, common sense and a lot more.

At CleanAir, our aim is to support the growth, profit and sustainability goals of our clients by delivering innovative solutions with 10x value.

We do this first and foremost by gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs and business objectives and leveraging our technical knowledge, innovative thinking, and vast equipment resources. From air quality management and emissions measurement, to thermal performance and efficiency determination, CleanAir delivers the results.

Cooling Tower Testing Capabilities

The Clean Air staff is well qualified to perform this work. CleanAir is licensed by CTI to conduct both Thermal and Drift emissions testing. CleanAir’s test personnel have conducted hundreds of cooling tower tests in accordance with CTI test codes. In order to stay abreast of industry needs and developments, we are very active in both CTI and ASME test code-writing committees. Our personnel served on the latest committees for both the CTI and ASME cooling tower performance test codes, the CTI ATC-128 Sound Test code, the ATC-150 plume abatement code and recently chaired the ATC-140 Cooling Tower Drift Emissions Test code, the ATC-105 Thermal Test code and ATC-107 Air Cooled Steam Condensers test code.

We welcome you to explore the teams of CleanAir® to find opportunities for your business with a 1000% return on your investments.