The CleanAir 10x Program

CleanAir's aim is to provide the highest value in everything we do. Our goal is to define measurable benefits on every engagement and deliver value worth at least 10 times our invoice.

We start by gaining an understanding of your big picture objectives by exploring all the possible high value opportunities and goals in every new business opportunity before we start discussing the details.

Don't be surprised if our Instrument Rental or Express service representatives want to know your project objectives and how the equipment you are inquiring about will support those objectives. We have learned that the more we know about how our equipment will be challenged the more we can do to ensure a successful outcome.

Our testing service consultants and sales representatives will ask questions to determine the financial impact to your business and how we will jointly define success.

As economic and environmental goals converge we believe the global environment will benefit if all of our projects deliver 10x value. This may be wishful thinking but we can make a big difference if we all aim high.