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Step 2 - Ad Design

Step 2 Ad Design Form for Method
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The no hassle 5 step program continues here.

Step 1 - DONE
Step 2 - Design your new ad, read and click our terms.
Step 3 - Setup account password and alternate email.
Step 4 - Look for email in a few days with link to your live online ad.
Step 5 - Look for an invoice in 60 days. Pay or mark cancel for full credit.

Step 2 - Ad Design Section

                         Leave blank to use -6c or enter an easy to remember username.

Ad Banner:* * Required
                          Character limit = 50.

Ad Link:* *
                          This will be the link to the page served by a click on your ad.

Ad Image:*
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Upload Image:*
File size limit = 500k Note: We appreciate a size of 200px wide x 130px high.
Image Type allowed: jpeg, jpg, png or gif.