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3 pitots

We sell complete velocity traverse kits, pitot tubes, pitot tips and replacement pitots. We also rent flow measurement kits, provide wind tunnel calibration and offer technical support.

  • For precise mesurement such as USA EPA Appendix 2F we suggest the 3D pitot
    s-type tip
  • S-Type Pitot - For dirty gas


Standard pitot
STD Pitot

  3-D Pitot 3D Pitot
- (currently the 3D pitpt is available only as a rental kit)

For cyclonic flow, very turbulent flow or when a very percise meseaurment is needed the 3-D pitot is best.

3-D traverse kit including a built to length 3-D pitot, brass clamp support swivel bearing, digital protractor, 3 gauge differential pressure panel, calibration curves and instruction manual with equations.

Email or call us and talk about your project or requirement, we like helping people with flow problems.

Tester Comments:

A velocity traverse with the right equipment can be easy. Bad equipment and unanticipated problems can can make for a bad day.


Note: We also sell accessories for flow measurement including gum rubber tubing, thermocouples and incline manometers.

Special lengths and connections available on request.

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