CleanAir Related Documents in the Public Domain


CleanAir Stack Emission Reports

NETL Power Plant Improvement Initiative (PPII) Environmental Control Technologies

Appendix G - Clean Air Engineering Testing Reports [PDF-107MB] (Apr 2009)

Investigative Results of NOX Measurement Bias Due to CO2 and Moisture Effects

Report on FDG Feedback Test Program at Duke Energy Marshall Steam Station

Mercury Test Report Performed for Mecklenburgh Cogeneration LP Unit 1 (Jan 2000)

CleanAir Turbine Performance Reports


CleanAir Boiler Heat Rate Reports


CleanAir Engineering Cooling Tower Reports

Field Sound Measurements From Cooling Towers (Abstract)

CleanAir Efficiency & Emission Combined Test Reports

CleanAir Presentations and Published Information

Fine Partucalate Issue (when Testing Fine Particulate) -by Scott Evans (Aug2008)

Stack Emissions and Ash Characterization Data-Montgomery County (VA) Department of Public Works

ESPs - Problems & Solutions! - presented at WPCA (Sept 2008)

EPRI ICR Testing Guidance! - Presented by Scott Evans - Content by Jim Wright - Clean Air Engineering!

CleanAir Equipment Referenced in Published Information


Use of Magnesium Hydroxide for Reduction of Plume Visibility - By Lewis B. Benson - Carmeuse Lime & Stone using Clean Air Engineering Method 8B Equipment